About Major. What is our Artistic Direction. 


One of the most lucrative entertainment industries in the world, porn production brings in almost 100 billion dollars worldwide each year.  Our direction is to get you the much deserved exposure that will get everything you need to start a career in the industry.  Though the life of a porn star is not as glamorous or carefree as it seems, many people have made good money and had fun starting a career in adult entertainment. 


We teach and provide the following:

  • The financial aspect of the business

  • How to Invent a Memorable Persona

  • Teach you about POV film set inner-workings 

  • Assist with setting up your personal fan websites 

  • The importance of social media presence (optional)

  • Setup instructions to create personal channels for passive income

  • Provide a photoshoot and head shots

  • Arrange for transportation to and from film sets

  • Making sure you stay on top of STD testing regimens

Safety is paramount! The best part is, all of the above will be used to setup your personal following for PROFIT!  We like to share the wealth... We hand walk you through the entire process as an Amateur to increase your earning potential! 



***Remember that you must be 18 years old to act in pornography.

Our Setup

The key to any great production is keeping it simple.  We are finding that more privacy creates a very productive environment for work.  The photo shoot and videos are all made at the same location for the day with the primary focus being you! Locations change frequently per shoot; that's how we keep it fresh.